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Software Engineer, Product Development - Kolkata

Check out the programming challenge!

About us

We develop b2c and b2b products and solutions. Our bioinformatics solutions are used by major bioinformatics and biotechnology companies worldwide like Invitrogen, Millipore, Scripps Research Institute etc. and major universities. Our market leading web product is used by worldwide web community. Our information portals are visited by several million people every month.

We develop leading edge world-class web 2.0 products and services with technologies such as Java, PHP, Javascript, JSON, XML, HTML etc. We do not follow others, we believe in leading the way.

We have a very open culture with a flat hierarchy. We honor talent and dedication above everything else.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for energetic and enthusiastic programmers for product development. The essential qualities are honesty, talent, dedication and a burning desire to make a difference. We demand innovative solutions from our developers.

We do not care if you are male or female. We do not care if you are married or single. We do not want your passport number nor do we want to know about your parents or their professions. We want to know only about you and what you can do for us. At the core we want problem solvers.

Strong knowledge of Java and / or PHP along with strong foundation in algorithm and data structure is a plus.

What will you be working on ?

You will be working on developing Web 2.0 based product and services, cutting-edge information processing algorithms, data analysis, backend development and more.

How to apply - The Programming Challenge

We receive several hundreds of applications every month. As a startup we have limited time and resources to diligently followup each application. So we have come up with an interesting programming challenge for you to sharpen your skills as well as demonstrate it to us and allow us to shortlist your application for interview.

What you need

Go to JJRobots site and download JJRobots SDK. Then select and download the robots Bizarro & Janeway from Cadets section.

About JJRobots

JJRobots is an interesting multi-player game where robots, developed in Java, combat against each other in single, double or team mode.

The SDK contains detailed instructions on how to make your robot, api, and an arena where you can pit your robots against each other and with those you have downloaded. Sample robot source code is also included to get you started.

The challenge

Develop robot(s) which can consistently beat Janeway & Bizarro in single mode. If you succeed (and we hope that you will), send us your resume along with the (Java) source code of the robot you have developed (as attachments) to with the exact subject: Resume + JJRobot Source.

Please ensure that you follow Java coding standards from Sun while developing.

Note: You will retain full copyright of your source code. Your source code will only be used for evaluation. It will never be used for any other purpose.

You may ask any questions here.