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Feed Copyrighter Wordpress Plugin


This plugin adds a copyright message to your feed items. No customization is required. This acts as a deterrant to feed-stealers (you heard the word first here) who unscrupulously and blatantly displays your full feed contents (often with their own advertisements) in their site(s) without your permission.

It doesn't affect when only excerpts are shown nor it adds anything to the feeds when you decide to publish only article summary in your feeds.

Feed Copyrighter Plugin for WordPress 1.5 and above is of the class of upload-activate-and-forget Plugins (like WordPress 1.5 Plugin to disable nofollow from comments or WordPress Referrer Bouncer Plugin to bounce referrer spammer bots), Plugins that simply work.

Note: This plugin has also been tested on WordPress 2.0.


Recently there has been lots of web based aggregator sites. Some of them like diabetologica blatantly displays the full content from the feed. So now you work hard to create your content and unscrupulous aggregators like diabetologica reap the benefits by displaying them along with their own advertisements. If that doesn’t sound fair to you,then this plugin is for you. Others have also expressed concern over this issue.

In the article - How to Protect your RSS Feeds from Unscrupulous Aggregator’s, we have proposed the solution which we now incorporate as a WordPress plugin.

Technical Details

The copyright year is automatically updated to the current year.
The blog is assigned as the copyright holder and the blog url is linked to the blog name.
An email address for your legal affairs is automatically generated as legal@YOUR_SERVER_NAME.

A sample copyright message is:

Copyright © 2005 Simple Thoughts. This Feed is for personal non-commercial use only. If you are not reading this material in your news aggregator, the site you are looking at is guilty of copyright infringement. Please contact so we can take legal action immediately.

For your blog “Simple Thoughts” would be automatically replaced by your blog name and the URL will be your blog url. The email address will be legal@YOUR_SERVER_NAME. So for example if your blog is hosted at then your email address would be

All of the above can be customized.

Note:The copyright message is displayed only when full text of the articles are syndicated.


Please read the installation procedure below after you download Feed Copyrighter Plugin for WordPress 1.5 and above.


  1. Upload copyrightfeeds.php to your wp-content/plugins directory.
  2. Log in to WordPress.
  3. Click Plugins from the main menu.
  4. Scroll to find the name of the plugin - Feed Copyrighter, and click Activate.
  5. Click Options from the main menu and then click Reading from the sub-menu
  6. Under Syndication Feeds in For each article, show: select Full text and then click Update Options button.

Configuration and Usage

Install and activate the plugin as described above. You are done!

This is a zero-configuration plugin. No setup is required to use it. You may however customize the copyright message to suit your taste.

To do that open the plugin in Plugin Editor and follow the instructions given in the file. In short you may want to change the following variables:
$legal -> Email Address of your Legal Department; could be your address too.
$message -> The core legal blurb added to the feed.


  1. Log in to WordPress
  2. Click Plugins from the main menu.
  3. Scroll to find the name of the Plugin - Feed Copyrighter, and click Deactivate.

This disables the Plugin. You can also delete the copyrightfeeds.php file from wp-content/plugins directory for permanent removal.