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Permanent Redirector Wordpress Plugin


This plugin allows you to redirect (permanent redirect using HTTP status 301) any of your posts or pages to a different URL.
This enables you to transfer Google rank of your post or page (static page of WordPress) to a new page. Also the new page is displayed in search (Yahoo, Google, MSN etc.) results.This is valuable when you want to permanently move one or more of your posts or pages to a new location. The post/page content is not altered.No configuration is required. Even your GrandMother can use it.


Works on 1.5.x & 2.0 codebase.


For some users the plugin wasn’t directly redirecting but bringing up an intermediate page. Brian found a solution to this issue. The plugin has been updated with Brian’s fix. If you are facing this problem then you are strongly encouraged to download the new version. Otherwise you may continue with your existing version.

How it works

When a post or static page (in WP context) is fetched (using its permalink) for viewing the plugin checks if the post has a “redirect” custom field set. If it is set then a permanent redirect status is sent to the client/browser indicating that the post has permanently moved to the location (URL) specified in the value of “redirect”. So the viewer is automatically moved to the new location.

How to use

In short to use this (after you have installed and activated the plugin) add a custom field to the post (which you want to redirect) with key redirect and in value give the full URL where you want to redirect to.

It doesn't alter the view in archive, category or home page view.

This plugin is usable only in version of WordPress which supports custom fields for posts. Definitely for WordPress 1.5 and above. 


Please read the installation procedure below after you download Permanent Redirect Plugin.

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  1. Upload redirector.php to your wp-content/plugins directory.
  2. Log in to WordPress.
  3. Click Plugins from the main menu.
  4. Scroll to find the name of the plugin - Permanent Redirect, and click Activate.

You are done!


It requires no configuration.


Please activate the plugin as described above.

Whenever you want to redirect a post, you simply add a custom field to the post. The key is redirect and the value is the URL of the new location it is to be redirected to. Make sure you type in accurately.


  1. Log in to WordPress.
  2. Click Plugins from the main menu.
  3. Scroll to find the name of the Plugin - Angsuman’s Permanent Redirect, and click Deactivate.

This disables the Plugin. You can also delete the redirector.php file from your wp-content/plugins directory for permanent removal.


Select the Stem Cell Research Topic or Eye Care topic. You can see several posts in each of them. Select any of the posts except the announcement posts on top. You will be transparently redirected to the new website for Stem Cell Research and Eye Treatment respectively.


Similar plugin from Red-Alt inspired us to write this.

The problem with RedAlt’s plugin is that it did a temporary redirect which does not transfer Google rank. Also temporary redirect doesn’t drive the engine traffic to the new url. In short bad SERP. And it used wp_redirect which is one mess of a function IMHO.

We solved this by using Permanent Redirection (301).