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Career At Taragana

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Career at Taragana

Working at Taragana is unlike anywhere you may have worked before. We are a fun loving group who work hard and play equally hard. We join hands to develop innovative products and solutions and above all a better company for all of us.

We are a rapidly growing organization looking for honest, committed and talented professionals with a passion for technology & science. We are here to make a difference.


We believe in Kaizen which means continuous improvement. Kaizen strategy calls for never-ending efforts for incremental improvement involving everyone in the organization, from process improvemnt .

What do we do?

  • We develop high end software products (targeted at Web 2.0 market) and solutions with exceptional quality. We have worldwide clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies (like Invitrogen, Millipore...) to startups (Trayle, SciMagix...), institutions (North Coast Aquatics) and thousands of bloggers. Our solutions serve major universities, biotechnology companies and laboratories worldwide.
  • We also have a strong online media presence with over 50 million page hits per month. Our sites are well quoted and referenced by media and professionals as well as common people worldwide.

What can you expect at Taragana?

Expect a friendly and cordial environment where each of us are working hard and helping each other to achieve the common goal of moving the company forward and in turn moving ourselves forward.

Expect to learn every day, be challenged intellectually and continuously improve yourself.

You help the company move forward and the company will help you move forward.