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Linux System Administrator- Kolkata

You will be involved in maintaining our Linux servers worldwide, manage regular backups, database administration, setting up new machines, testing, setting up accounts, setting up hardware, purchasing replacements etc. You should be proficient in scripting languages like perl, shell or awk.

We have dedicated Linux servers in Texas, USA & Denmark. We also have several Linux servers in-house which you will be required to manage and maintain. You will also be responsible for Linux desktops and networking.

You will be in charge of monitoring the site statuses and take appropriate corrective actions, managing the MySQL databases, ensuring regular and correct backup of servers (internal and external) etc. You will be responsible for cloning desktops and setting up new machines, purchasing spares etc.

In short you will be fully immersed in Linux, do lots of scripting, have fun and more.

You may ask any questions here. Email your resume to