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Blog content protection

You can secure your blog contents by restricting content to your chosen subscribers only. You may choose to charge them for your content before providing them access.

Unparalleled Feed protection

You have full control over how your feed data can be accessed. Authenticator Plugin Pro comes with three flexible options for feed access control. You can actually open your feed to all or none or restrict access only to paid subscribers.

Protection from plagiarism

You choose your own readers. This way you can ensure that your content never falls in the wrong hands and / or distributed over the internet. This is ideal for distributing sensitive content to which only your chosen few should have access. You blog content is also restricted from search engines, so they won't land up in Google's cache, for example, for others to browse for free.

Spam protection

As you have full control over your subscribers, you are protected from abusive or irrelevant comments from anonymous or unknown users. You just have to check the option that users must be registered and logged in to comment (In WordPress Settings->General under Membership section).

Zero Configuration required

Authenticator Plugin Pro is a ZERO-CONFIGURATION plug-in. You do not need to configure anything. Upload it and activate it and forget all about it. It will continue to work in the background, silently protecting your precious content from unwanted eyes. And it is so simple that even your grandma can use it.

Heavily documented

We have exhaustively documented every aspect of the product so that you can refer to them while using it. Unlike most WordPress plugins, Authenticator Plugin Pro is heavily documented to make it a breeze to use.

Customer Support

The best part is that we give you a 6 month of customer service absolute FREE. Our very competent and dedicated technical analysts are here for you to solve any problem and fix any issues on your site. All you have to do is submit a trouble ticket on our customer support portal.

Life Time Free Updates

Authenticator Plugin Pro comes with a life time updates. With newer versions of WordPress, your plugin will always remain uptodate. We provide our updates by email. They are also available for download at anytime from our software download center.