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Free Wordpress Plugins

  • Angsuman's WordPress Guard Plugin This plugin gives you an extra layer of protection over the usual authentication in WordPress login page. This protects against known as well as yet unknown vulnerabilities in WordPress administration scripts
  • Referrer Bouncer Plugin A Plugin to bounce back referrer spam attempts, requires no upfront configuration, no mod-rewrite. It is like the strong silent bouncer at your favorite club. Tested on all versions of WordPress.
  • WordPress System Information Plugin WordPress System Information Plugin
  • Comment Guard Pro Power Pack

    Comment Guard Pro Power Pack contains 7 very useful pluglets to augment Comment Guard Pro (which is bundled with 15 pluglets).

    Note: Comment Guard Pro plugin protects your blog from all types of comment spams.

  • Multi-Page Display Easily break your posts in multiple pages
  • Authenticated Wordpress Plugin(Free) Make your posts accessible to registered users only. This allows you to provide paid content on your blog.
  • Dashboard Replacement No more slow loading Dashboard with irrelevant feeds.
  • MP3 Player Simply link to any mp3 file to make it playable from your blog with a nice player, can tag it with too.
  • AdRotator Rotate ads / images / text to distribute your impressions and provide variety to your customers
  • Site Maintenance Make your blog temporarily unavailable for maintenance with a custom message
  • Permanent Redirector Permanent redirection of your posts to different url
  • No-NoFollow Give credit to commenters of your Blog for their hard work. This plugin applies rel="no nofollow" in the links provided by commenters of your Blog.
  • Feed Copyrighter Feed Copyrighter adds a copyright message to your feed items. No customization is necessary. This acts as a strong deterrent to feed-stealers who unscrupulously and blatantly displays your full feed contents (often with their own advertisements) in their