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WordPress Guard Plugin


Angsuman's Wordpress Guard Plugin is a must-have Wordpress security plugin (compatible with all versions of Wordpress and tested upto version 2.6.3) that protects the vulnerable areas of your blog from outside access with an additional layer of security.

The most common attacks against a WordPress? blog usually fall into 2 categories.

  • Sending specially-crafted HTTP requests to your server with specific exploit payloads for specific vulnerabilities. These include old/outdated plugins and software.
  • Attempting to gain access to your blog by using "brute-force" password guessing.

Many popular WordPress websites were hacked and defaced by executing vulnerable code in wp-admin, which shouldn't be accessed by outsiders in the first place. So it is widely recommended to password protect all the php files in your wp-admin.

Adding password protection to /wp-admin/ adds a 2nd layer of protection around your blog's admin area, login, and files. This forces an attacker or bot to attack this 2nd layer of protection instead of your actual admin files. This dramatically increases your security.


Double Security For Wordpress Administrator Panel

Angsuman's Wordpress Guard Plugin gives you an extra layer of protection over the usual authentication in WordPress? login page. If you try to enter the administrator panel, you will be prompted for an username and password even before you can access the wp login page or any other page in the admin panel. This protects against known as well as yet unknown vulnerabilities in WordPress? administration scripts.

Protection over wp-admin directory

Angsuman's Wordpress Guard Plugin provides you with a comprehensive security over php files in wp-admin directory. If any unauthorized person tries to directly access any executable (php) file, belonging to Wordpress, inside wp-admin directory, he will be prompted for a user name and password. A perpetrator has to overcome this first layer of security before he can attack the second layer of security through WordPress authentication.

Protection Against Future Vulnerabilities

Wordpress security patches have always been ipso facto. Wordpress developers work upon one particular vulnerability only after one or more blog is hacked or the vulnerability is made available in some form. Secondly fixes are not immediately available after a full-disclosure which allows hackers to exploit the window of opportunity before a fix is tested and released. Thirdly, it is almost impossible to update your blog immediately after every major and minor release. Often you will find that an upgrade will cause one or more functions of your blog to fail in inexplicable ways. Not to mention that it is pretty time consuming if you own multiple blogs. Normally veteran bloggers wait for few updates after a major release (to allow for the bugs to be fixed) before they upgrade. This makes large number of WordPress blogs vulnerable and open to hacking. WordPress Protect plugin provides protection of your blog not only against current vulnerabilities but also future vulnerabilities.


Use at your own risk. No warranties, expressed or implied are provided.


Please read the installation procedure below after you download Angsuman's WordPress Guard Plugin.


  • Download and Unzip the file that is sent to you through your e-mail id.
  • Upload wp_guard.php file to your wp-content/plugins directory.
  • Log in to WordPress.
  • Click Plugins from the main menu.
  • Scroll to find the name of the plugin i.e. Angsuman's Wordpress Guard Plugin, and click Activate.


  • Log in to WordPress.
  • Click Plugins from the main menu.
  • Scroll to find the name of the Plugin - Angsuman's Wordpress Guard Plugin, and click Deactivate.

This disables the Plugin. You can also delete the wp_guard.php file from your wp-content/plugins directory for permanent removal.


The product is 100% free. However we charge for the support (because it costs us too, you know). The per-incident support fee is 50$ only. Please use the form below to pay for support and then go to our support portal to file your support request (you may need to create a free account, if you do not have one already). Please quote the PayPal transaction id in the subject for faster processing.

Note: Support requests do not cover creating of new features or custom development. For custom development and quotation, please contact us.

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