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Translator Plugin Gold Features

Automatic machine translation in 41 languages
Eight translation engines are used to get the best possible >translation we could find for each language (and to provide automatic failover support).
Support SEO friendly nice urls for translated pages

Translator Plugin Gold provides search engine friendly nice permalinks / url for translated pages in blogs which use nice permalinks. For example if url of one of your blog post is then the url of Portuguese version of your page will be and your Japanese version of your page will be

Note: Translator Plugin Gold automatically adjusts itself to the blog permalink structure. In blogs using the nice permalinks, the translated pages are generated as described above. However in sites using the default permalinks structure, Translator Plugin Gold uses the same default query string format for translated pages. While it is recommended that you use nice permalink structure for SEO and other reasons, Translator Plugin Gold works both with and without nice permalink structure. The plugin will adopt to your preference.

Bookmarkable translated pages
The translated pages are bookmarkable in any browser or in third party tools and services like They are indistinguishable from any other pages in your site if your site uses nice permalinks.

Multiple virtual sites (silo implementation)
Your user needs to select the language of his choice once and he will be subsequently provided with translated version of all pages of the blog. So he can browse any number of pages within your blog, all automatically translated. In other words a French user browsing, for example, will continue to browse the whole site in French. All his links will be to French translated version of the content. He may never realize that the original site is in English. This implements silo structure for your website which is an essential component of SEO.
Intelligent Superfast caching engine

Translator Plugin Gold uses an intelligent caching engine to cache the translated pages. It uses advanced algorithms to determine when a page cache requires to be refreshed and marks it as such. It also uses background processing to refresh stale pages (based on priority) in cache. The caching engine helps Translator Plugin Gold to achieve dramatic performance improvements. The cached pages are compressed in database to minimize space requirements. The caching engine is extensively configurable. It can happily co-exist with other caching engines like wp-cache 2 or WordPress object cache. Read more »

Multiple engine failover support
Translator Plugin Gold provides automatic multiple translation engine failover support. Translator Plugin Gold uses 5 translation engines. These engines can sometimes fail due to multiple reasons, some temporary, some requires variety of actions on our part to make it happy again. On failure we automatically switch to the next available engine and continue till we get an engine to serve the translated page or run out of engines. Read more»
Advanced Load balancing

Continuous availability of translation service is a key objective. Frequent queries to translation engines can overload their services and they in turn can disable translations from your site for short (24 hours) or long duration. We have several features in place to reduce the load on translation engines like, for example:

  • Short duration Overload Protection - We prevent too frequent queries to the same engine in a short period of time to avoid tripping their overload detectors.
  • Prioritize human requests - We prioritize translation requests from human over robots to manage translation engine load.
  • We provide intelligent caching to serve most pages from cache

Translator Plugin Gold comes with premium features for reducing the apparent load on translation engines:

Multiple IP support
Most popular websites, running on dedicated servers, has multiple IP addresses which can be leveraged in Translator Gold. If you have, for example, 5 IP addresses then you can specify all of these addresses in Translator Gold options which will then be used to distribute your calls to the translation engine. So, for example, if you use 5 IP addresses then the effective load from one IP address will be reduced to 1/5 of the actual load thereby greatly reducing the chance of tripping the high load detectors on translation engines.
Tor support
We support proxying your request to translator engines through the tor network. This helps to anonymize the translation requests and frees you from load limitations imposed by translation engines on specific IP addresses. We also support HTTP proxying.
Read more»
Improved performance
  • Translator Plugin Gold uses an intelligent cache to improve performance by serving pages from cache.
  • Translator Plugin Gold version 5.1 (free upgrade for existing customers) provides indexes which you can add to your database to significantly improve performance and reduce database load for popular sites.
  • Additionally the software also works with third party caching engines like eAccelerator, wp cache 2, Super cache, WordPress Object cache etc. to enable further performance improvement.
Real-time Translation Engine Monitor
We monitor the responses provided by the different translation engines we use. We analyze the errors and take appropriate actions in real-time depending on the error condition. We also pro-actively balance the load on translation engines.
Supports wide variety of web hosting platform and environment
Translator Plugin Gold is designed to work in wide variety of hosting environment (from shared hosting servers to big dedicated hosting servers) and constraints. For example, it works with or without curl support (uses fopen), with or without safe mode enabled, with empty or specified open_basedir configuration, any kind of WordPress permalink structure etc. It works on all standard web server platforms and even on rather uncommon ones like IIS on Windows. Not only that it leverages improved technology where available.
Open API
Translator Plugin Gold comes with extensive array of options accessible from the plugin management console. We also provide additional customizability and access to the inner data structures through simple php based API (Application Program Interface). This allows you to fully customize your translator bar display, include / exclude certain content from translated / original pages and more. Read more»
Real-time statistics
Translator Plugin Gold collects and displays in real-time several useful statistics on the functionality of the plugin (total page translation requests, requests from human, requests from robots) as well as caching engine (total pages in cache, cache hit, cache miss). You can also display summary statistics to show your viewers how many translated pages you have served, cache hit etc.
Fully widgetized
Translator Plugin Gold can be used as a WordPress Widget, allowing you to place your translator in your sidebar by simple drag and drop, without making any changes to the template. Translator Plugin Gold also provides Translator Stats widget to display Translator Plugin Gold statistics summary in your blog pages.
Selectable default translation engine
For each language you can choose any available translation engines as your first choice for translation. Translator Plugin Gold currently supports 5 translation engines.
Protection against abuse from external sites
The older free translator (and other derivative translators) can be misused to translate pages from other sites and also fetch pages from other sites using your bandwidth and overload your servers. Translator Plugin Gold protects you from all such abuse of your resources.
Extensive customizability
Translator Plugin Gold allows you to customize every details of the system without ever having to touch any code. The options are conveniently divided into Basic and Advanced sections for easy of use for both new users and pros.
Limit translations to selected languages
Translator Plugin Gold allows you to selectively turn on / off the display and translation to any language(s). If you have limited resources or highly targeted audiences, you may wish to limit translations to few selected languages only.
Fully customizable display formats for translator bar
Translator Plugin Gold comes with four in-built display formats for maximum flexibility to display translator bar. You can use CSS to customize each display format. Additionally we provide an API with examples to allow you to fully customize the display.
Replaceable language flags representing translator bar
The default flags shipped with Translator Plugin Gold can be easily replaced with your own image files. This allows you to create customized look of translator flags to blend in better with your site design.
Ability to display content only on translated pages
Translator Plugin Gold provides a tag to display content which is visible only in translated pages. This can be used, for example, to display messages to viewers of translated pages to let them know that they are viewing a machine translated copy and where to get the original version. The content can be displayed after translation to target language or in original language. Example»
Ability to exclude content from translated pages
Translator Plugin Gold provides a tag to exclude content from translated pages only. You can use it, for example, to hide commenting ability for viewers of translated pages.
Skip content of posts / pages / template from translation
Translator Plugin Gold allows you to exclude portions of posts or pages or template from being translated. Translator Plugin Gold also provides a quicktag ( button ) to easily exclude selected blocks of text while writing your post / page.
Customizable handling of unavailable pages
Translator Plugin Gold provides a way to turn off translation to any language(s). When a page is asked to be translated in a language for which display has been turned off, you may choose to either display the page or throw an error page with HTTP 404 header or (temporary or permanent) redirect to the original (untranslated) page.
Supports page extensions (.htm, .html etc.)
SEO conscious bloggers sometimes add an extension to their post pages like .htm or .html using custom permalinks capability of WordPress. Translator Plugin Gold provides in-built support for blogs which uses .htm or .html as page extensions. It also provides a way to include your own extensions.
Turn-off linkback / attribution
You can turn-off linkback / attribution to Taragana sites in Options.
Heavily documented
Not only have we exhaustively documented every aspect of the system, we have documented within the option pages too so you can refer to them while using them.
Easy to use
Translator Plugin Gold has been designed with ease of use in mind, even your grandma can use it. You just activate the plugin and forget it. It will silently translate your blog pages and increase your blog traffic.