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Elevator Pitch

Software Outsourcing

Do you have great ideas, yet getting it done through normal channels is a nightmare? Either it takes too long to get developed or gets way too costly, and in the end you don???t get what you want ... change requests are hard to go through. Does that sound familiar?

Have you been rebuffed once too often that your ideas cannot be implemented?

Well we will get you exactly what you want, when you want and at very reasonable cost. We are attracted to complex problems as bees to honey. If you can define what you want, we will get it done.

Bioinformatics Software Development Outsourcing

Is your team generating lots of data, yet you cannot effectively sell them to your customers or leverage them internally?

Are your services are currently provided mostly manually and involves lots of intermediate steps, complex dependencies and delays, so while you may have more capacity you cannot scale to meet customer demands?

You focus on biology and we will deliver all the bioinformatics service you will ever need. We are in bioinformatics to make a difference.