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Taragana's state-of-the-art development center is located in Kolkata, India. Kolkata's IT sector is growing at 70 percent per annum, twice the national average.

The two offices have 1000-mbit Fast Ethernet switch-based network as well as redundant secured Wi-Fi network. We have long-lasting UPS backup for machines as well as Inverter backup for other purposes thereby ensuring productivity even during massive outages.

Development workstations are equipped with Core 2 Duo class and above processors with minimum 1 GB - 4 GB RAM to ensure high productivity.

Data / Information is protected with a hardware firewall and a software firewall (shorewall), and need-based selective access within intranet. The corporate servers have restricted physical access.

Taragana is 100% Linux (CentOS) based, an operating system which is genetically more secure against viruses, worms and trojans.
Note: We do have Windows and Mac OS X based laptops for testing purposes.

The development center is connected to our Internet servers hosted in two world-class server farms located in Austin, Texas and in San Jose, California. Our web server, email server, database server, application server, name server etc., and hosted services are load balanced across multiple servers with automatic failover / backup. We have redundant UPS with battery & generator backups for all locations. All facilities are connected so in case of disasters, capacity can be re-routed to an alternate service delivery location.

Source code is maintained in Subversion, version control system. Defects and features as well as customer support requests are tracked in Mantis, an excellent defect tracking software. We use Wiki in our intranet to share information & knowledge within the organizaton.

All workstations are supported by NFS (Network File System) and NIS (Network Information Service) in highly-redundant and super-fast RAID-10 setup which allows any user to use any desktop and be able to access his work environment (desktop), data, applications and settings. This allows full hardware independence and ability to instantly recover from failed hardware issues.

All desktops and servers are configured to automatically update to the latest version of the operating system and applications nightly. We host CentOS Repository and Updates locally for this purpose. This protects us against future security threats arising from yet unknown vulnerabilities of the OS and applications.

All code, data and applications are backed up on servers with RAID-10 (100% redundancy) harddisk array. Additionally all servers are backed up several times daily on a dedicated backup server with RAID-1 harddisk array. All the servers boot partitions are also on RAID-1 array to allows instant and transparent recovery in the event of harddisk failure.

All server statuses are monitored 24/7 throughput the year.