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Why choose Taragana?

We bring in vast amount of product development and outsourcing experiences ranging with clients from Fortune 100 companies to startups and even bloggers.

Our focus on ongoing technology learning initiatives ensure that we always remain on the cutting edge and offer exceptional value-add in design, development or quality assurance.

Have you checked our infrastructure?


Taragana products and solutions are designed by world class architects with extensive experience in architecting and designing enterprise products and solutions for Fortune 100 companies as well as startups.


Working in software product engineering areas affords us the opportunity to hire the best and brightest.

We have rigorous recruitment procedure to get talented, energetic employees and then we invest heavily in our employees to make them the very best in the industry. Combined with an exceptional work environment we can assure clients of stable and talented teams.

We always keep ourselves ahead in the technology curve to bring you the best possible solution in technologies and if it still doesn't meet what you need we innovate it for you.


In Taragana products and solutions quality is by design. We involve our Quality Assurance team from very early stages of product design and development. We make absolutely no compromises with respect to quality.

Customer Support

We pride in providing very high quality customer support. We work hard to solve your problem, even if that means going beyond our call of duty. Last but not the least you will always be dealing with a real person, not a computer.

Innovative Solutions

We encourage innovation at every level and from every employee. We live and breathe innovation. Innovations range from process improvements to new product design and development, from big ideas to small productivity changes, continuous incremental innovations.

Our mantra is to design excellent innovative products and solutions, which exceeds your expectations by a large margin and provide you with a strong business advantage.


We strongly believe in Kaizen, continuous incremental improvement. Kaizen calls for never-ending efforts for improvement involving everyone in the organization, improvements in products as well as processes.

Simple Solutions for Complex Problems

"Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler." - Dr. Albert Einstein We strive hard to design simple solutions for your complex business problems, simple solutions (not simplistic) which meets all your needs and more.

Why simple? Simple solutions are easier to understand, maintain & extend.


We believe in fair price for excellent service, no more no less.