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Comment Guard Pro Power Pack


Comment Guard Pro Power Pack contains 7 very useful pluglets to augment and enhance Comment Guard Pro ( which already bundles 15 pluglets ). Comment Guard Pro is a plugin and framework which protects your blog from all types of comment spams and makes blogging fun again.

The seven pluglets in Comment Guard Pro Power Pack are: Approve Admin & Post Author, Comment Link Limit ( Reject ), Comment Link Limit ( Score ), Greylist Keywords, Value Previously Approved Commenter, Approve Pingback / Trackback From Blogroll and Kismet.

Approve Admin & Post Author

This pluglet automatically approves comment from blog admins and post authors.

Comment link limit (2 Pluglets)

Comment spammers often embed several links in a single comment. Genuine comment rarely contains more than two links, mostly one or none in the comment body is the norm. Any comment with more than four links is most certainly a spam. You can use these pluglets to specify the maximum allowable number of links in a comment beyond which it should be sent for moderation or penalized (assigned a negative score). It also sets the limit beyond which it is considered as a spam and simply deleted. All default choices, as with other pluglets, are configurable.

Greylist Keywords

Greylist Keywords pluglet allows you to mark a comment for manual moderation (as opposed to deleting it as with Blacklist) when it contains certain keywords anywhere in a comment. Greylisting is normally used for keywords which are very likely to be spam (like soma) but not always (like somatic cells). When you are not fully confident about blacklisting a keyword, you should add it in greylist. Greylist gives the comment a second chance.

Value Previously Approved Commenter

A comment author with previously approved comment is less likely to spam. Comments from such commenters are valued higher than new commenters.

Approve Pingback / Trackback From Blogroll

This pluglet checks whether the comment author url is in your blogroll (assumed to be blogs you recommend). We only approve if there is no other URL in comment content.


Kismet pluglet incorporates Akismet plugin functionality along with lots of enhancements and flexibility. Unlike Akismet plugin, Kismet allows fine-grained control over decision making and works in conjunction with other pluglets to classify a comment. Please refer to the FAQ for details on this pluglet.

System Requirements

You must have Comment Guard Pro plugin installed and activated in your system. Comment Guard Pro Power Pack bundles 7 free pluglets of Comment Guard Pro plugin.


Please read the installation procedure below after you download Angsuman's Comment Guard Pro Power Pack plugin


  • Download Comment Guard Pro Power Pack.
  • Unzip file.
  • Upload commentguardpowerpack.php file to your wp-content/plugins directory.
  • Log in to WordPress.
  • Click Plugins from the main menu.
  • Scroll to find the name of the plugin - Angsuman's Comment Guard Pro Power Pack, and click Activate.

You are done! The 7 additional pluglets are added to Comment Guard Pro pluglet list. These will be shown in Pre Rules section under Options->Comment Guard->Pluglets.


It requires zero configuration.

User Guide

Please see the Pluglets section of Comment Guard Pro user guide.