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Taragana Launches Comment Guard Pro - Comment Spam Protection Software for WordPress Blogs

Kolkata, INDIA - MARCH 3, 2008 - Taragana Inc, a leading provider of Web 2.0 enabling software, today announced the launch of Comment Guard Pro, a third generation comment spam protection software for WordPress™ blogs which uses an expert system to classify comments. Comment spam is the bane of interactive Web 2.0 media like blogs and wiki, often forcing administrators to shut down commenting altogether, being unable to cope with ever increasing spam volume. Comment Guard Pro leverages 22 tried and tested comment spam fighting techniques which is the result of several man-years of research into comment spam detection, both in-house and by the anti-spam community.

"Comment Guard Pro was born out of years of frustration fishing out dozens of false positives (legitimate comments which were marked as spam by anti-spam filters) from spam queue with several thousands of comments and deleting several dozens of false negatives (comment spam which passed through spam filters) on a daily basis", said Angsuman Chakraborty, CEO Taragana. "We want to give back the joy of blogging without worrying about spams.".

Comment Guard Pro is designed to unobtrusively protect against all types of comment spams - trackback spam, pingback spam, robotic spam using comment form, human submitted spam and referrer spam. It provides multiple layers of protection against each type of comment spam. The focus was to eliminate false positives and minimize false negatives. Comment Guard Pro was 100% successful in eliminating all kind of robotic / automated spams in tests with several popular live blogs with over 5 million comments over a period of one year. False negative, where a spam is misidentified as genuine comment, are hardest to eliminate from non-automated spams (manual spam). Comment Guard Pro achieved an impressive rate of less than 0.1% false negatives in tests.

Comment spam, like email spam, is a moving target as spammers continuously adapt to anti-spamming techniques. Any effective solution also needs to be equally adaptive. Comment Guard Pro uses an expert system with pluggable rules (or pluglets). Each pluglet is extensively configurable. Users can extend it easily by writing their own pluglets. Comment Guard Pro provides a heavily documented Open API to develop pluglets which can be distributed for free or sold.

For additional information on Comment Guard Pro visit Comment Guard Pro Home Page

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About Taragana:

Taragana is a leading provider of Web 2.0 enabling software and services. Taragana's offerings include Translator Plugin Pro & Translator Plugin Gold software which provides automatic machine translation of WordPress blogs in 14 and 32 languages respectively. Taragana provides several free WordPress plugins and Anaconda Theme for WordPress blogs. Taragana also provides high-end software development outsourcing services.


Dipankar Das, Public Relations Director