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Anaconda Theme

Anaconda is a css based three column theme for WordPress 2.x (and above) blogs. It uses flexible 3 column layout which is designed entirely with CSS. The center column and left sidebar are flexible and adjusts to browser size.

Anaconda comes with inbuilt support for 16 popular WordPress plugins out of the box. The theme is designed to work perfectly with these plugins. We have tested them for you so you don't have to.

Anaconda Theme

Anaconda provides 22 WordPress widgets for you to extensively customize your site without writing / modifying a single line of code. We have tested it with 20 widgets overall. We have widgetized all inbuilt functionalities of K2 theme.

Anaconda works without any configuration out of the box. It is also extensively customizable for those who need it. You can even include your own stylesheets, known as schmes. Two sample schemes are provided including vader.css.

Customizations can be easily done using the Anaconda Options control panel under Presentations menu.

Anaconda theme has built-in support for inline and sidebar asides. It optionally supports Ajax commenting, Live search, fixed width layout etc.


Anaconda supports 16 popular WordPress plugins out of the box:

Plugins Version tested
Angsuman's Translator Plugin Pro All versions
Angsuman's Translator Plugin Gold All versions
Angsuman's Comment Guard Pro All versions
Ultimate Tag Warrior 3.14
Related Posts 2.02
Nybble???s Sidebar Modules 1.0.1 (comes integrated)
Quoter 1.1
Brian???s Latest Comments 1.5.8
Noteworthy 1.0
WordPress Widgets 1.0
FlickrRRS 3.0.3
Extended Live Archives 0.10beta R18
Time Since 1.1
Gravatars 1.1
Favatars 2.0
Subscribe to Comments 2.0.4


Anaconda is 100% widgetized aka widget enabled. We have even widgetized the inbuilt functionalities of K2. Anaconda has been tested with 22 popular WordPress widgets:

  1. About Widget (built-in)
  2. Angsuman's Translator Plugin Pro (Plugin & Widget)
  3. Angsuman's Translator Plugin Gold (Plugin & Widget)
  4. Angsuman's Comment Guard Pro (Plugin & Widget)
  5. Archive Widget (built-in)
  6. Aside Widget (built-in)
  7. Calendar Widget (built-in)
  8. Categories Widget (built-in)
  9. Delicious Widget (built-in)
  10. Flickr Widget (built-in)
  11. Links Widget (built-in)
  12. Meta Widget (built-in)
  13. Pages Widget (built-in)
  14. Recent Comments Widget (built-in)
  15. Recent Posts Widget (built-in)
  16. Related Posts Widget (built-in)
  17. RSS Widget (built-in) - You can create upto 9 RSS feed widgets in sidebar.
  18. Search Widget (built-in)
  19. Tag Cloud Widget (built-in; requires Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin)
  20. Text Widget (built-in) - You can create upto 9 text widgets to include your custom text in sidebar.
  21. Google Search Widget (comes with widget plugin)
  22. Widget

You can place them on one of your sidebars by simply dragging and dropping them from your sidebar widgets control panel.

To use widgets, please download and activate the widget plugin. For Wordpress 2.3.* and above you need not install widget plugin.



Anaconda is based upon very popular Mollio Web template. K2 is known for its rich, but complex, functionalities. K2 is based on Kubrick which has been modified to create the default WordPress theme. Mollio is known for her (someone has to be a female so why not the good looking one?) stunning good looks.

We have taken both of them, ripped them apart and made them work together, which was a big task by itself. We took all of K2's functionalities and widgetized them and added our own. We fixed lot's of defects and pesky layout issues, enhanced the look and finally we present you with the Anaconda Theme.


Anaconda comes with GPL (GNU Public License). Both Mollio & K2 are released under GPL. The only thing we require is that you keep the attributions and linkbacks in the footer without any change.


To add a new theme to your WordPress installation, follow these basic steps:

  • Download your theme here.
  • Unzip the zip file. You should preserve the directory structure in the archive when extracting these files. It should create a directory named anaconda.
  • Using an FTP client to access your host web server, upload anaconda directory to wp-content/themes directory provided by WordPress. All your Anaconda theme files should be in wp-content/themes/anaconda after the upload.
  • Follow the instructions below for selecting the new theme.

    To select Anaconda theme for your site:
  1. Log in to the WordPress Administration Panels.
  2. Select the Presentation subpanel.
  3. Click on Anaconda to activate it.
  4. To view the new look, click View Site at the top of the Panel's screen.
  5. Your selection should immediately become active. Enjoy!