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These are some of our Customers' Testimonials:

"the Anaconda theme I am using breaks the mould, it does offer a fair degree of customisation/flexibility without getting too far into its nuts and bolts - if I wanted to do that, I wouldn???t use Wordpress in the first place." - Woodgen

"Very professional theme with it???s plugins. I think i will use it on my lyric website thank you for this theme" - Lyrics

"I like your theme a lot. So much so, that I???ve decided to keep using it for the time being. I think it???s one of the best around." - Alex Boschmans

"Extremely Wonderfull !!! I think after modifying it a little bit to integrate few plugins which is already installed on the current theme, im going to switch into this Anaconda theme."- Reaper-X

"I???ve been thinking about going back to my original three-column format, but I wasn???t comfortable with what???s available. I???m definitely going to try this." - Bonnie

"Many, many thanks for this wonderful theme!" - Aminate

"Thanks for a really great looking (and well behaved!) theme. It rocks. This is the one I was looking for." - Colin

"Love the theme mate thank you. Looks good and seems easy to use." - Scotty Zee

"Love your theme and all that you did with it. Thanks for an awesome layout and construction." - Bloggy

"Great theme! And the very first I was able to get a specific plugin to work with, I can finally use my now reading plug in, the css was so easy to find to fix the page I needed. I hope to learn to customize it a bit but I???m loving it." - LuAnn

"I have been using Anaconda since it was released. Having previously tried many themes (none were exactly what I wanted) I could hardly believe my good fortune. ;) Thank you! " - Susan

I've been using the Anaconda theme for well over a year now and it it." - racerman28