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Anaconda Theme Features

Anaconda supports 15 popular WordPress plugins out of the box:
Plugins Version tested
Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro All versions
Ultimate Tag Warrior 3.14
Related Posts 2.02
Nybble’s Sidebar Modules 1.0.1 (comes integrated)
Quoter 1.1
Brian’s Latest Comments 1.5.8
Noteworthy 1.0
WordPress Widgets 1.0
FlickrRRS 3.0.3
Extended Live Archives 0.10beta R18
Time Since 1.1
Gravatars 1.1
Favatars 2.0
Subscribe to Comments 2.0.4
Sidebar WidgetsAnaconda is 100% widgetized aka widget enabled. We have even widgetized the inbuilt functionalities of K2. Anaconda has been tested with 18 popular WordPress widgets:

  1. About Widget (built-in)
  2. Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro (Plugin & Widget)
  3. Archive Widget (built-in)
  4. Aside Widget (built-in)
  5. Calendar Widget (built-in)
  6. Categories Widget (built-in)
  7. Delicious Widget (built-in)
  8. Flickr Widget (built-in)
  9. Links Widget (built-in)
  10. Meta Widget (built-in)
  11. Pages Widget (built-in)
  12. Recent Comments Widget (built-in)
  13. Recent Posts Widget (built-in)
  14. Related Posts Widget (built-in)
  15. RSS Widget (built-in) - You can create upto 9 RSS feed widgets in sidebar.
  16. Search Widget (built-in)
  17. Tag Cloud Widget (built-in; requires Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin)
  18. Text Widget (built-in) - You can create upto 9 text widgets to include your custom text in sidebar.
  19. Google Search Widget (comes with widget plugin)
  20. Widget

You can place them on one of your sidebars by simply dragging and dropping them from your sidebar widgets control panel.

To use widgets, please download and activate the widget plugin