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Translator Plugin Pro Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are customers saying about the software quality and support?
Please refer to Translator Plugin Pro testimonials.
What is automatic machine translation?

Machine translation is widely used to provide translation of any text / html content to another language. Wide ranging techniques starting from dictionary translation to artificial intelligence and statistical analysis is used for translating.

Companies like Google and Altavista provide machine translation services on their websites only. Translator Plugin Pro brings their services to your wordpress blogs to make it much more popular and accessible to a much larger audience. We leverage services from different online translation service providers to provide reliable automatic machine translation for your blog in several languages (20) with intelligent caching and failover support; we handle their errors and problems so you don???t have to.

Machine translations are not perfect. Online Translator is for obtaining an instant and basic translation. In most cases it should adequately convey the general sense of the original.

What are the benefits of caching?

Translator Plugin Pro uses an intelligent caching engine to cache the translated pages. It uses advanced algorithms to determine when a page cache requires to be refreshed and marks it as such. It also uses background processing to refresh stale pages (based on priority) in cache. The caching engine helps Translator Plugin Pro to achieve dramatic performance improvements. The cached pages are compressed in database to minimize space requirements. The caching engine is extensively configurable. It can happily co-exist with other caching engines like wp-cache 2 or WordPress object cache.

You can see the effects of caching on Translator Plugin Pro under cache and cache management section in Translator Plugin Pro user guide. You can see the live statistics of caching in our Technology Blog, which uses Translator Plugin Gold.

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How to cache translated pages?
Please refer to Translator Plugin Pro Cache.
How to enable Translator Plugin Pro cache for faster performance?
Translator Plugin Pro caching is enabled by default and no work will be required on your side.
Does Translator Plugin Pro require curl support?
Translator Plugin Pro is curl independent. It works with or without curl support. If curl is not available it uses fopen.
Can Translator be used with safe_mode enabled?
Translator Plugin Pro works fine with or without safe mode.
Can Translator be used with open_basedir set?
Translator Plugin Pro works fine on empty or specified open_basedir configuration.
How to use Translator in Windows on IIS server?

For using Translator Plugin Pro in Windows on IIS server you need to do a simple configuration change in Translator options page. The steps are following:

  • Go Wordpress Options->Translator->Advanced->Miscellaneous.
  • Check or enable Compatibility Mode.
  • Click Update to save this change.

You are done!

How to select English flag?
Please refer to Flag Representing English Language section in Translator Plugin Pro user guide.
How to return to original (un-translated) page?
You can always click on the flag representing the base language of your blog to switch back to the untranslated version of your blog. For example, in my English language blog you can click on the US flag (repsenting English language) to switch back anytime to original version of a page on my blog. This provides seamless integration of your original version with the translated versions of your blog.
How to turn off link back / attribution?
Please refer to Translator Plugin Pro Attribution / Linkback.
How to configure display of the flags?
Please refer to Translator Plugin Pro Display.
How to use Translator Plugin Pro behind firewall?
Please refer to Translator Plugin Pro Proxy Settings.
How to configure Translator Plugin Pro to use http proxy server?
Please refer to Translator Plugin Pro Proxy Settings.
How to use Translator Plugin Pro as wordpress widget?

Tranlsator Plugin Pro can be used as a Wordpress widget, allowing you to place your translator in your blog without making any changes to the template code. For widget enabled themes like Anaconda you can simply drag and drop Translator widget to your blog template sidebar in Presentation-&gtWidgets screen to display translator bar on your blog.

Optionally you can also drag and drop Translator Stats widget to display Translator statistics on your blog.

Please refer to Translator Plugin Pro Widget for details.

Where can I report defects?
Please refer to Translator Plugin Pro Support.
How can I get support?
Please refer to Translator Plugin Pro Support.
How do I prevent portion of post / page / blog from being translated?
Please refer to Translator Plugin Pro Skip Translations.
How can I show some content only in translated pages?
Please refer to Translator Plugin Pro Developer Guide.
How can I show a message in translated pages (translated in the appropriate language) that the page has been machine translated?
<?php if(function_exists("tgInTranslatedPage") && tgInTranslatedPage()) { ?>
<div class="trans-notice">
<p>Please note: This page was originally written in English.</p>
<p>The original post can be viewed <!--skip translation--><a href="<?php echo tgGetTranslatedPageURL(tgGetBaseLanguage()); ?>"><!--end skip translation-->here<!--skip translation--></a><!--end skip translation-->.</p>
<!--skip translation-->
<p>Please note: This page was originally written in English.</p>
<p>The text has been translated using an online service such as <a rel="nofollow" href="">Google</a> or <a rel="nofollow" href="">Babelfish</a>.</p>
<p>The original post can be viewed <a href="<?php echo tgGetTranslatedPageURL(tgGetBaseLanguage()); ?>">here</a>.</p>
<!--end skip translation-->
<?php } ?>

This example is wrapped by a <div> with class name trans-notice so that you can style it easily.

How can I exclude some content from being displayed in translated pages?
Please refer to Translator Plugin Pro Developer Guide.
How to delete translated version of a page associated with a particular language or for all languages?

You can delete all translated pages for a particular language or for all languages using the steps below:

  1. Go to Wordpress Options->Translator->Advanced->Cache Management->Delete page from cache.
  2. Give the url of the page for which you want to clear translator cache in URL input text field.
  3. Select a language or ALL (to delete all translated version of the page specified in URL field).
  4. Click Delete button.

Alternatively You can execute simple SQL queries to delete all translations for a one or more pages or all translations in a particular language or any combination thereof.
For example you can use this query to delete all French translations of your blog:
delete from wordpress.wp_atpp_page_cache where language = 'fr';

wordpress and wp (wordpress.wp_atpp_page_cache) are replaced by your wordpress blog database name and table prefix respectively.

How to prevent AdSense ads from getting stripped in translated pages?
Translator Plugin Pro doesn't strip out AdSense ads if you use URL mode of translation. Alternatively you can enclose your AdSense ads in skip translation comment tags which will also save your AdSense ads.
What if Translator Plugin Pro gives 'fatal error' on activation?

The problem is most likely in the memory settings. Please open /etc/php.ini and change memory_limit value to 32M.
After making the changes, please restart apache. It should address your problem.

Alternatively you can do the following:
Open translator.php in a code editor like vi / emacs etc. and add the following lines before the long eval line (or after the line with only */ ).
ini_set('memory_limit', '32M');

What is the License for Translator Plugin Pro?
Please refer to Translator Plugin Pro license.
Can a single copy be used on multiple domains?

We can now support multiple domains / subdomains in a single Translator Plugin Pro plugin.

The key requirement was supporting cases where both as well as was used to represent the same blog. We support such cases for free.

You can also use this facility to get a single copy of Translator Plugin Pro which will work for your multiple blogs.

  1. You will still need to buy separate license for each blog (unless they are of and variety, pointing to the same blog) or opt for unlimited license.
  2. By default you will get one copy of the plugin for each purchased blog, configured to work only for that blog.
Why is it not free?

We spent enormous amount of time and effort to provide you with a high quality product. We stand fully behind the product and commit to support the product for all our users for upto six-months and provide lifetime free upgrades.

WordPress is becoming more and more complex with each release and so are the wide variety of plugins. To give an example the nice permalinks feature is variously implemented by plugins. For example UTW implements it differently than wp-email plugin. And they both do it differently than WP core code.
I have made the plugin to work with both. In the process I realized that such problems can happen in the future with so many plugin author???s going their own way and with newer and often incompatible changes in WordPress code. We want to support such issues in future as and when they arise.

All of these cost time and money. In the past we found we couldn???t provide adequate support for our free efforts. That really hurts us as we highly value our customers and are deeply concerned about their needs.
After much thought and soul-searching we have decided to add a moderate cost to the product to offset our expenses and to allow us to continue to support and enhance it.

Is Translator Plugin Pro under GPL?
Please refer to Translator Plugin Pro license.
Can I modify the source code?
Please refer to Translator Plugin Pro license.
Can I redistribute the plugin?
Please refer to Translator Plugin Pro license.