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Translator Plugin Pro Testimonials 

These are some of our Customers' Testimonials:.

So far very happy with the results with over 150,000 pages translated since purchase not so long ago. Regards and best of luck with your business - Vlad

"Translator Pro has come a long way in a very small amount of time, and the support is phenomenal. The overall developer responsiveness alone is well worth the price." - James

"I spent a year testing 5 different plugins and finally got TPP, it does exactly what is says and works straight out the box, I'm working with the support team now to get some AJAX implementation for my site. I wish I had bought this a year ago and saved myself hours of testing." - Joel Giddey.

Firstly, what a brilliant product. I had seen a blog somewhere that was translating into multiple languages and using the /fr permalink structure and immediately said 'wow, we need this', answer to prayers etc. - Alx Klive, CEO,

" I am using Translator Pro 5.0 at and am completely satisfied with the plugin." - M. Lyons

" I have used your translator plug in for over a year and have found it invaluable. Thanks so much for creating such a great product." - Wade Meredith

You get lots of good coverage for your work. I'm envious! Please keep working at it. This is a great product. - C. Bose

"installing was a breeze, it’s up and running and works like a charm! fast, simple and beneficial to my visitors." - Lu

"PS - I’m also going to list your plugin in my resources area so people can get your site easily." - Greg

"Thanks again! Aside from hosting and domain costs, this is the best price that I've ever spent on my blog." - James

"Thanks ….Love your translator!" - David

"Thank you for your comprehensive answers (they help me understand and give me a lot to think about) and all your hard work." - Michael

"P.S. Thanks for being so involved with this. You’re more involved with your plugin than most shareware developers are with their $50 applications." - James

" easy to install - I'm already up and running!!!!" - Ian

"Thanks again - I’ve already seen many use the tool to better read my content!" - Greg

"Thanks again for creating such a kick-ass product." - Greg

"thank you very much for excellent support!!" - J. N.

"Thanks Again - guys like you make the world a much better (and fun) place." - Greg

"thanks a lot, this plug-in is amazing, and i love how it uses google also :) " - G. R.